Posted Tue, 29 Nov 2022 15:52:20 GMT by Laura Gano Peter Kiewit Foundation HR and Grants Manager
Hi all,

I'm curious about everyone's process for handling reports as they come in. We still have our reporting on eGrant, but have moved our applications to GOapply 2.0. When a report is received we manually download it from the eGrant tab in AkoyaGO, open the appropriate payment/requirement, upload it to the documents there, then fill in the received date which places it on our Program Officers' dashboards (and emails them to notify). 

We do not store the reports on the Request record. Do others? We have considered having a workflow built in Power Automate to push the documents from GOapply (2.0) to the "oldest" Payment/Requirement that is not marked "Done." (This way it would include overdue reports as well as scheduled.) It seems this would be a useful flow for many of us, but I wanted to throw it out there to gauge interest and also see if others had a better way of handling this. 

Laura Gano
Peter Kiewit Foundation
Posted Tue, 29 Nov 2022 17:13:12 GMT by Kathy Johnson Grants Manager

Our Grantees go to our Sherwood Foundation website where they currently fill out their report.  Once submitted, it is emailed to me. When a report is received, I manually save it to my desktop, I then go to Akoyago, open the appropriate payment/requirement, upload it to the documents there, then fill in the received date.  The Program Officers have a view to tell them what reports are in there.  We do not attach things to the request as there is always too much in there.  When we attach it to the appropriate requirement, it makes it easier on everyone. And we are currently in the process of going toward V2 but it was duplicating a payment requirement every time someone submitted a requirement through the portal. They are looking into this. 

Kathy Johnson

The Sherwood Foundation 

Posted Fri, 09 Dec 2022 14:57:51 GMT by Kwin Kunkle Lozier Foundation Grant Administrator
I am also looking for ideas on collecting reports. 

I was thinking to creating a second phase to the applications that they could complete in GOApply but I don't have a picture yet of what that might look like. With that, I would also create an auto email to let them know they needed to go in and complete the additional phase. I'm wondering if that could be mapped to a requirement record if there isn't one for every grant?  

Do you request reports on all grants?
Posted Fri, 09 Dec 2022 15:43:09 GMT by Laura Gano Peter Kiewit Foundation HR and Grants Manager
We are in the testing phases of creating a report phase in GOapply. We have a workflow in place that moves all documents from GOapply to AkoyaGO, but they land in Requests. 

As far as reminders, we have a Flow set up in Akoya and we go in monthly (on the 15th) and run the flow on each request who has a report due in the next 90 days to email them a reminder. It creates an email in activities and we go make any adjustments then hit send. The adjustments right now are primarily ensuring they have eGrant vs should email the report, etc. Eventually I think I will just have the flow send the emails without a review. It seems to work well. 
Posted Thu, 12 Jan 2023 18:47:12 GMT by Donna Munchel Program Officer and Grants Manager
Ball Brothers Foundation requires final reports for most grant types. We have done this since eGrant. When we moved to GoApply V1, I was able to manually go in and attach the GoApply final report to the correct request record in Akoya so that when they logged into GoApply and submitted the report, the answers would map to the correct final report field in the request record. I would then get an email notification that they had submitted the final report so I could manually update the requirement record date received field. This worked perfectly. The final report PDF and related attachments would also connect to the request record.

We are now moving to V2 and so far I am waiting for Akoya staff to connect my V1 outstanding final reports to the new V2 final report in Goapply so they will show up when the grantee logs in. They were able to do it for one grantee which worked fine but are still working on how to do a mass migration. 

I would definitely recommend having the final report be part of the GoApply process. Creating the final report as an additional phase is not that difficult and it eliminates the need to copy & paste & attach, etc.  
Posted Wed, 22 Feb 2023 18:39:56 GMT by Ginny Gasink Program Officer
Very helpful discussion here. 

I have created my GoApply phase for final reports and wondering if those who have done this have recommendations as far as mapping fields that make for useful data/reporting. My report questions are mostly text fields. It may make sense to add some yes/no and numerical fields to help with consistent reporting. Just curious what others have found to be useful.

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