Posted Thu, 17 Aug 2023 20:13:47 GMT by Amy Lee CommunityGiving Database and Gift Processing Specialist
We understand the reasoning as to why 'create new organization' is somewhat hidden currently - and we appreciate it because we don't want anyone and everyone creating a new organization.  However, we have had a few complaints regarding this and feel the user experience could be improved slightly.  We were thinking that 'create new organization' could populate at the bottom of the list.  Meaning it would be at the very bottom of the entire list, if you typed nothing in and scrolled all the way to the bottom, or if you typed something in and there were 10 options with that word in it, it would then be at the bottom of those 10 options.  This way it is easier to find when the organization they are looking for isn't in the list.
Posted Fri, 01 Sep 2023 23:32:34 GMT by Chelsey Johnson Manager, Client Experience
Hi Amy! 

Thanks for your feedback. I have added this suggestion to another product suggestion ticket that shares a similar thought. We appreciate your insight! 

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