v 2.1 ; 09/27/23





Auditor REport Setup




The Auditor Report is a report template which presents data with rows by fund and columns by account/account groupings as requested by your auditor. There are three columnar sections in the report: Income, Expenses, and Balances. Each section can contain a maximum of five columns.



auditor report layouts


During your implementation, our team will have pulled in our default auditor report. However, you can have multiple auditor reports. See below for instructions on creating an additional auditor report.



  1. Select the Setup menu and then select Auditor Report Layouts



2. Click +New and use the descriptions below to help you set up your new auditor report layout.



3. Each row in the Setup represents a column in the report.  For each row, set the following options:

  1. Section – The section of the report in which the column will be displayed (Income, Expenses, or Balances)
  2. Column No. – The sequence of the column within the selected section. Each Section can contain a maximum of five columns.
  3. Caption – The column heading displayed in the report
  4. Calculation Type – The type of calculation for the column (Net Change, Beginning Balance, or Ending Balance)
  5. Account Type – The type of account for the calculation (G/L or Net Asset); use Net Assets to see the activity posted directly and indirectly to a Net Asset Account (via revenue and expenses), and use G/L to see only activity posted directly to the specified G/L account(s)
  6. Account Filter – The account, or range of accounts, to include in the calculation
  7. Reverse Sign – Option to reverse the sign for the calculated value 





Run the Report


Select the Reports menu, select Auditor Report

Choose a Layout






**If you need a layout that can accommodate 11-digit amounts, choose Auditor Report (Wide) from the list. 


  1. Enter a Start Date and End Date for the report


  1. Add any other desired filters


  1. Click Preview


A preview of your Auditor Report will render. The filters that you selected in the previous step will be displayed at the top of your report.


Please note that your Auditor Report will include inactive (deactivated) funds with activity during the report date range.


If you are satisfied with the report, click the Print icon from the bottom toolbar or exit out of the Preview, that will return you to the report filtering screen, and select Print or “Send to…” Send to allows you to choose the file type for the data.




Select “Schedule…” to schedule the next Auditor Report to run automatically.