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Bank deposits


This guide will cover the newest Bank Deposit form in Business Central. This form works together with the newest Bank Account Reconciliation form (Specific Instructions can be found on GOsupport.)


start a New Bank deposit


In Business Central, click on Deposits or search for Deposits. Click on +New




A new bank deposit form will open. Select the Number and Bank Account.



1999 – Undeposited funds


Next, click Prepare. A menu will appear where you can choose to Suggest, Transfer, or Ignore Undeposited funds.




  • Suggest: choose individual transactions from the 1999 account.
  • Transfer: will move all transactions from the 1999 account into the deposit form.
  • Ignore: A dialogue will open in which you can check Ignore so that those amounts will no longer appear in the undeposited funds.



Once you have the desired transaction(s) in the deposit form, fill in the total Deposit amount. The Difference should be 0.00 and Total Deposit Amount should match the amount in the Total Deposit Lines at the bottom of the page.



Please be aware that you cannot edit the lines in the subgrid. This will cause the page the error, you will need to refresh and your changes will revert back. If you see something wrong in the Lines, you will need to go and change that information in the payment record in akoyaGO CRM. It may be that you need to reverse the payment entirely, but our Support team can help you on a case-by-case basis.


Deposit Date


If the Deposit Date is earlier than the date of the payment (Document Date), the system will warn you, but you can proceed with the dates as is.



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Post as lump sum



This setting specifies if the bank deposit should be posted as a single bank account ledger entry with the total amount. It will default to ON. We recommend, as best practice, that you leave this setting on as it will make it easier to do your bank reconciliation.


If this setting is on the lines will post as one g/l entry. For example:






If the setting is off, the transactions will post individually to the g/l.



Post the Deposit


If you are not ready to post the deposit at the time you are creating it, simply click the back arrow to leave the Deposit form. Your work is automatically saved.

Once you are ready to post the deposit, click Posting. Several options will appear.



  • Test Report: choosing this option will not post the deposit. It will open a print dialogue so you can see how the deposit will post.
  • Post: posts the deposit to the g/l.
  • Post and Print: posts to the g/l and prints a report.


“undo” posted deposit


There is now an option to “Undo” a Posted Deposit (Reverse.) This can be helpful if items included in a posted Deposit need to be updated or corrected, i.e. Incorrect date, Vendor, etc.


From any page of Business Central, use the global search in the upper right-hand corner (magnifying glass,) and search for “Posted Bank Deposits.” There is also option for “Posted Deposits,” this is not the form to use.




After selecting the Bank Deposit No., Click on Bank DepositUndo Posting




Select “Yes” on the pop-up message or “No” to abandon the Reversal :


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The system will now show all the entries that are about to be reversed from the Bank Deposit.

(Entries do not need to be selected one-by-one or in bulk, they are already in a “Select All” state) 



Here, you have the final option to abandon this reversal (“undo”) process by clicking “No”


Following the Reversal, you will get a message stating that the entries have been successfully reversed. Going back to the Posted Bank Deposits list, there will now be a check-mark in the Bank Deposit line signifying that it  has been successfully Reversed.









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