How to Reverse an imported grant request payment


Due to the data import process of implementation, we occasionally see payment records in the akoyaGO CRM that do not have a corresponding entry in Business Central. This short guide is an overview of the steps needed to reverse a payment record, when the payment occurred prior to implementation.

Note: If you encounter errors related to locked fields, please reach out to the Support Team for further assistance.

reversing a payment that was imported


Switch the Process

1. Locate the Request Payment record in akoyaGO.
2. Switch the process to "Reverse a Grant Payment"



3. Choose the Reversal Type, enter the reversal amount, and the reversal date. The reversal date you choose here is the date it will be posted to the general ledger. Click Next. Two pop ups will appear. The first to tell you that the Payment doesn’t have a payment date, check, or payment account (bank account) filled in. It will ask if you want to continue anyway. Click OK if you want to proceed. Then, a second popup will let you know that the original payment was not found. Click OK to continue.




The Payment is now Reversed. The Folio field will say Reversed, the Reversal Date will be set, and the Net Amount will be $0.00.

In Business Central you will see two corresponding entries posted to the date you chose in the reversal process.




Partial Refunds

1. Locate the Request Payment record in akoyaGO
2. Switch the process to "Reverse a Grant Payment"



3. Follow the same steps outlined above, except in this instance, enter the amount that you want to reverse rather than the full payment amount. The two pop ups described above will appear, click OK to continue.

4. The payment is now partially reversed. The Folio will read as Partially Reversed, the reversal amount and reversal date will reflect what you entered in the Initiate Reversal step, and the Net Amount will reflect the Amount minus the Reversal Amount.

The general ledger will behave like it did in the steps described above.

Follow the normal steps to process the deposit in Business Central.


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