Merging Payees

When duplicate Payees within Business Central are discovered, they should be merged to ensure data integrity and maintain proper balances. Payees within Business Central are not automatically merged when Constituents and Contacts are merged within CRM and should be manually merged as an extension of the CRM merging process.

merging payees


1. Navigate to Payees

2. Search for the Payee record you wish to preserve and open it (Master Record).


3. From the Payee Card, choose Actions>Functions>Merge With… (If you don’t see Actions, click More options)


4. In the Merge With field choose the record you wish deactivate and merge (Subordinate Record).


5. Once the Subordinate Record is selected, a table will display a list of fields where data is different. You’ll be able to choose values from the Subordinate Record you wish to overwrite your Master Record by selecting the Overwrite check box. DO NOT overwrite the No., Invoice Disc. Code, and ID fields.

6. The Related Tables section summarizes the activity of both records that will be consolidated under the Master Record.


7. Once the process of selecting fields to overwrite is complete choose Merge.


8. You’ll be asked to confirm the merge. Click Yes.



9. A prompt will display once the merge is complete. Click OK.



10. The remaining Master Record will have updated balances reflecting the total balances of the two merged records. Any outstanding Purchase Invoices and Payments will also be consolidated under the remaining Payee.


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