GOfund Implementation - Suggested learning Course
Interested in implementing GOfund for your Foundation? Please watch this video and browse the linked resources below to help you get started with GOfund, the online portal for your fund holders.
GOfund Demo
GOfund Implementation Overview - An overview of the process and timeline of Implementation for GOfund.
GOfund Client Setup Questionnaire - A questionnaire to assist clients with the GOfund Implementation Process.
GOfund Admin Guide - A getting started guide for GOfund settings, making fund connections and the GOfund user interface.
GOfund Frequently Asked Questions - A list of questions, asked by your peers, to help you think through your GOfund implementation.
GOfund Testing Checklist - A checklist to help your Foundation staff test your customized GOfund site before launching to your fundholders.
Stripe Account Setup - Turning on the donation feature in GOfund? Set up  your Stripe account by following these instructions.
Additional resources can be accessed through Account Management, including: sample verbiage for GOfund settings, a fund connections excel template, and examples of GOfund User Guides and pre-launch messages.
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