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How to Create a Multi-Year Request

This Knowledge Article covers best practices for a Request that will paid out in multiple installments (aka "multi-year"). 


  One Request with Multiple Payments

When a Request is approved, the out-of-the-box system functionality will assume you want to pay this grant or scholarship in one installment. However, this is not always the case. If you plan to pay this in installments, you will need to edit the payment that was created and create additional payments so this Request's payment tab accurately represents how it will be paid.

1. After approving your Request, a payment has been created for the total Original Grant Amount. Open this payment so we can edit it to reflect Payment #1.

For example, this Request has been approved for $5,000. I plan to send $2,500 this year and $2,500 next year. Here is the payment that was created when the Request was approved. Notice it is for the full amount. 



2. Change the amount on the payment to the amount you will actually send for year 1. Follow your normal steps to send this Payment to accounting. 




3. Now we will manually create Payments for the remaining year(s). Go back to your Request record, Payments & Requirements tab. Click + New Payment or Requirement. 




4. If you want to accrue the Year 2 expense now and decrease the fund's spendable amount, you will use the same Posting Date for this payment as you used for Payment #1. Remember, the Posting Date is the date you will accrue this expense.

Accruing the future expense now (setting the Posting Date to the current year) does not affect Joint Investment Allocation, because the pool balance for the fund does not change until the payment is made. However, accruing the future expense now does affect net assets, which are used during fund fee and spendable processes.

You can set when payment should be sent to the Grantee by using the Est. Grant Pay Date. Follow your normal steps to send this Payment to Accounting. Payment #2 will now count as payable against this fund, but the payable will not pull in to be paid from Business Central until the Est. Grant Pay Date comes to pass.


5. If you do not want to accrue the Year 2 expense now, you will enter a future Posting Date and a future Est. Grant Pay Date. Remember, the Posting Date is the date you will accrue this expense. This payment will not affect net assets until the time of the Posting Date after it is sent to accounting. 

6. As you pay your installments, you can use the PAID and BALANCE fields on the Request record to track where this Request stands.