• RE: Dashboards

    Yes, this would be fantastic. 
  • RE: Roll up fields

    Thanks, Addie!
  • RE: Best Practice - Power Automate Owner

    Good question, and one that I haven't considered yet. We are in the same space as you. I typically build all the flows and have them "owned" by me, but if I was to leave there would be an issue. I'll keep my eyes on this thread for any other suggestions. 
  • RE: Two automations I learned at Empowered


    I love your second automation above. I'm going to work on something similar to that!

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  • Roll up fields

    There has been some suggestion by AkoyaGO staff that I use some roll up fields to pull data requirement data from payments and requirements into request records. The only documentation that seems to exist for that is generic microsoft instructions. It would be great to have some AkoyaGO specific documentation.