• RE: Procedure for Organizations who change their Name but not their EIN

    Like you, we have Constituent Name and this is where we capture the legal name (that matches the GoVerify Pub78 Organization Name) in the Constituent record. What you might not have is a CUSTOM field called "AKA."  We utilize AKA for three purposes.
    1) to capture historical name changes
    2) to capture abbreviations (ex. Boys & Girls Club Boston would have BGCB) for easier searching
    3) to capture DBA (doing business as) to reflect non-legal name changes

    In addition to entering in the former name in "AKA" we utilize Timeline to add a note under Constituent to provide further detail.  For example if the name changed because of a change in program mission we include a brief statement of explanation -- or at the minimum "Name change Sept. 2023".  While timeline isn't as easily added to a view it provides staff with more robust details when they are in the record.

    The combination of capturing information in both a field (easier to sort by, build queries) and timeline (longer, narrative explanations) we capture the name changes to keep staff informed and data clean.