• CoPilot

    Is anyone utilizing Copilot in AkoyaGo?
  • Report Formatting

    Am I the only one that has issue with the way reports format for PDF and printing?  I know I can download to sheets and update but WHHHHYYYYY!  It would make more sense that they just don't leave so much blank space to begin with.

    Do we have the ability to adjust the default formatting?  Mostly annoyed at the header and the margins.
  • Multiple Payments Option

    It would be nice if you could enter a number of payments a grant should be paid in and have them automatically created-- we often do 2 and it auto-creates the first one for the full amount which causes a need for editing and creating a second one.
  • Sum Logic

    Is it possible to require a set of fields to not exceed a certain sum? We ask questions about the percentage of the population served and repeatedly get answers totaling more than 100 percent--- trying to avoid 

  • RE: Application to auto open on a particular date and time

    Great idea!
  • RE: Request Programs - What do you have?

    Our Programs:
    Civic Infrastructure
    Economic Development
    Human Services
    Out of School Time

    We also use Subprograms to further identify.  Let me know if that list is also of interest to you.
  • RE: GoApply Phase on a Request

    Not all systems are the same but I am able to see this by opening the request and clicking the "GoApply" tab in the request record.  It may be further down for you depending on how many tabs you have in your request records.  If that's the case, try clicking the down arrow on related and see if GoApply is in that list for you.  Hope this helps!
  • Interns (Private Foundations)

    Do any private foundations hire interns?  We are considering an internship program but wondering what types of work it may require.
  • RE: Layout of Confirmation Screen

    I have an issue with applicants getting this submission page when in fact there was an error and their application is being submitted.  Can this also be changed to reflect that there's an error and they need to contact us?
  • RE: "Copy" a Request

    We also have a "Repeat this Grant Request" flow.